About me

I’m currently studying Computer Science, and I started to make video games as it has always been my passion. I’ve always liked tinkering with everything: clocks, speakers, and even videogames. My plan was to know “what happens if I do this?”, “Does it make the clock go faster or slower?”.

In videogames, sometimes you have the chance of modding certain aspects, or applying your own custom skins. I wanted to give power to the players, so they could experience this “tinkering” while enjoying the game.


Feel free to contact me via e-mail or in any way using our network to the right.


My first released game is Plataforma, which is a platformer that lets you create your characters and levels. You can check out Plataforma here:


Plataforma ULTRA

Right now, I am developing another videogame called Plataforma ULTRA. It is the enhanced version of Plataforma and it is coming with a punch. More levels, more mechanics, more modding ability, and much more!

You can follow its development on this website!