Devlog #5: So many things, so little time

You heard about Pluto? That’s messed up, right? In other news, here’s a new video devlog! For those who don’t know, I am making a series of video devlogs where I talk about Plataforma, what changed I’ve made, and what’s coming.

In this edition, I am talking about many things (hence the name!) such as the new characters and the new sprite sheet. There’s a full list below the video, and at the bottom the “This week” articles in which they are talked about.

  • Community translations: Portuguese and Swedish
  • New characters: crocky (community made), rosita and auris
  • New community sprite sheet: castle
  • New credits menu
  • New backgrounds
  • New website, you are in it silly.
  • New Boxshot
  • Two new videos: MGS3 Parody and the new trailer

The backgrounds songs used are “($) 4-RM3R Time!” , and “Pause that step”. Both of them were made by Fckundo. Hear more about him in goear.


Remember that you can download Plataforma for free on Desura and on Gamejolt

Where do I send skins, levels, etc?

As always, If you made art, music, levels or a translation for Plataforma you can post them in:

List of “This Week” articles

This was all for this devlog. Did you like it? Do you prefer longer videos? Tell me in the comments!

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