TW #11: Back on Track!

Update 1.1.3 went live the past week. It’s free and brings much to the table. Go read the post about it!

However, there’s no rest for the wicked so here’s what I did this week.

Added details to every level

Every rose has its thorn, just like every level has its grass and rocks. This details are available in the original sprite sheet as well as in the castle sprite sheet.

Same place. Different skins.

New Menu Backgrounds

I’ve been tinkering with different menu backgrounds. I’m still working on them, but I wanted to show you the credits menu’s background as it is really cool.


This background was made by Harry, the same guy who made Plataforma’s boxshot.

Changes in the official website

The two biggest changes are:

  • Separating Blog from Tutorials
  • Renovating the Home page altogether

Yes, THIS website home page. I organized the paragraphs into columns and made a gallery with in-game screenshots. You can click the banner in the top left to go there (Did you notice that it changes randomly? How cool is that?!)
I think the home page is more amiable, but tell me what you think in the comments!

This was all for this artsy week, I hope you enjoyed it! Expect more of this to come every Tuesday at 20 PM GMT.

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