TW #13: The beginning of the end

Hey there, today I may bring some bad news. I couldn’t find an artist who focus on Plataforma as much as I would like, mainly because it is a hobby and zero budget game.

I am a programmer/designer and not an artist (as you may have noticed) and I made everything I wanted for Plataforma. There are new things I would like to try, but they would change the existing things so much it would be another game. This means I may not publish any more posts about Plataforma.

Not All is lost

Having said that, I am working on a sequel: Plataforma 2. It is in an pre-alpha stage, and I will probably make blog posts about this new game. They will come with some kind of website renovation, so keep an eye open!

I have already implemented some new mechanics and showed them to a close circle and they reacted positively, so I will try to have some kind of video showing them.

This was all for this week. Until next time!

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