Update 1.1.3: Jumping animations, new characters and more

This is a special edition of This Week and came out on Monday with the update.

You read that right, update 1.1.3 is live now! Go download it for free clicking one of the buttons below!


What’s on this update?

I’m glad you asked little Timmy! Here’s a full list that includes what’s coming:

  • Added jumping animations! Check the updated tutorial to see how to make them
  • Added characters Imp, red Imp, Circle (All with jumping animations!)
  • Added character smoothing. Characters are now less pixel-y, especially noticeable on non-squared ones.
  • Added background .txt tutorials
  • Added ability to send anonymous stats to a server (Windows only. Read recursos/settings.txt or the below to see how to opt-out)
  • Changed Physics to be able to use jumping animations
  • Changed the tutorials to teach how to make jumping animations
  • Changed button’s typefonts


Here’s imp in action!

What’s that about the server stats?

I was wondering if people had any troubles with the levels, how much time they played, etc. so I decided to use some stat tracking server. I started using GameAnalytics since this update. The sending of the stats is completely anonymous, but if you want to opt-out follow this steps:

  1. Go to “WhereYouInstalledPlataforma/recursos” folder
  2. Open settings.txt with any text editor
  3. Go to the end where it says “Stats” and change true to false

To end this news post, did you like this update? Do you want more characters?  more sprite sheets? Tell me in the comments!

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